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infrastructure creation

Infrastructure Creation

Currently we have 8+ sites fully built in Lagos Region with additional 5 sites undergoing Site Acquisition and / or Technical Site Survey (TSS) prior to commencement of Civil Work. With a view to build and operate 100 to 120 new sites per calendar year, we are carrying out RF Planning and necessary preparations which would enable us to build 10 sites per month on an average. WWIV retains the capability and determination to build larger volume of Built-to- Suit (BTS) sites as and when our esteemed customers would be able to allocate BTS sites.

Training Policy

WWIV prides itself with a work-force that is fully skilled in all aspects of the telecommunications, material and machinery industry. Frequent training is provided to all employees to ensure that all staff remains on top of any changes within their various specialties of the industry.

C.A.C Certificate
N.C.C Certificate
Acquisition of MTI Sites

Acquisition of MTI PLC Sites

WWIV has concluded a Purchase Agreement with MTI PLC for acquisition of their 3 operational tower assets in Lagos. These include a site with 8 telecom tenants when acquired. Currently it has 10 Tenants.